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A native of North Carolina, Brooklyn-based Charlie Harris spent four years exercising the left half of his brain advocating for space exploration in Washington, D.C. After releasing a few songs to friends and family online, he took a year off to refine his sound, move to New York City, and find himself as an artist.

Charlie's unique brand of electropop evokes a paradoxical sense of hope born out of darkness. Listeners experience eerie yet encouraging sounds of futurism paired with heart-on-sleeve, pop oriented lyrics. Charlie creates relatable tracks with deeper meanings, toeing the lines between pop and electronic music.

His latest single, 'Breakfast at 2', is an ode to missed meals and missed romantic opportunities. Inspired by a string of hopeless crushes and hangovers, it’s an introspective and inquisitive ballad with a tinge of self-loathing, hints of misguided hope, and heaps of honesty. While the answer to the song's main query seems obvious, it poses many other questions we probably know the answer to but don’t really want to accept.


'Breakfast at 2' is available everywhere February 13th at 2:00 PM.


"It is always a pleasure to review new music that has a vocalist who isn’t afraid to show that voice off. We get some pop feels, a rockin’ push every once in a while, and some silky sweetness all in the same track."

          -Anthony Leclair, SWEPT Media

" [He's] got lyrics that people relate to, an emotionally honest yet ethereal vocal and a chilled out production that wraps it all together in a nice little bow."



"The North Carolina born, Brooklyn, New York based, Charlie Harris creates empathetic, thought-provoking tracks that ignite the brain; as well as the ears."

          -Ashly Smith, The Urban Twist

" [His] new single offers a nice 80s feeling in the production and clearly an uplifting feeling, which got me in a good mood."

          -Johan Alexed, PopMuzik 

"It’s clear he has musical talent in every way and the song is a powerful electro-pop song that has grit and emotion in his vocals."

          -Jonathan Currin, CELEBMIX

"It’s a marvel, really, to see such promise vibrating with a metallic, futuristic and post-apocalyptic aesthetic (think Daft Punk and deadmau5), yet also culling definitive ’80s-rock touch points."

          -Jason Scott, B-sides and Badlands